Starting my blog again? (goldenlook)
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Starting my blog again?

  • 31.07.2015kl.08:52 i Blogg
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Hi lovelies!
I wanted to do a little update post, I kinda miss writing and sharing bits of my life on this platform! So maybe I should start being more active here? What do you guys think? I moved to Singapore yesterday, and it's all so new to me. So I figured it would be cool to share my new experiences here!

I'll include some photos from the last 24 hours!

I've never lived in a building this tall, literally a skyscraper! Felt a little frightened looking down at people when they looked as small as ants from our view.

  • 31.07.2015 kl.15:20
    Hvorfor flyttet du til Singapore? :)
    02.08.2015 kl.14:14
    I was always curious .. what cosmetics you use to do makeup? :) It is perfect

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